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Our Kinetic Energy Vaults are engineered to provide supplemental energy or stand alone power to reduce or eliminate external power needs when used in combination with Alternate Energy sources as Sun, Wind, Water.

We offer 3 out of the box pre assembled and designed solutions ready to be plugged into your electric system as shown below

If your needs are larger than our available systems or you have unique installation issues, our custom engineered Kinetic Energy Vault (tm) solutions will aid you in reducing or eliminating your energy bill. Click on our Savings Estimator below and choose which solution best fits and fill out the web form so that we may be better able to understand your needs and objectives.







Wake up America

Oil has been a inexpensive resource for many decades in the USA. With 90% of the easily recoverable oil found, the cost of drilling in sensitive areas of the  USA  is sky-rocketing or prohibited altogether. The political instability in oil producing areas of the world is also causing rapid increases in the cost of oil. 


America still has it

 It is predicted that our total green energy production will exceed 20% by 2020. This will  cut our dependency on oil by 5 million barrels per day and creating millions of jobs.

 Renewable resources are abundant in our nation,  including solar, wind, water, and wave kinetic energy. We also have the 3rd largest reserves of rare-earth minerals in the world, the kind that batteries and solar panels use! (97% of these elements now comes from China.) :(

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