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  Smart Renewable Kinetic Engineering, Electric Power for a Lifetime      

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Who are we? We are a private Technology company expert in Software Programming,

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Kinetic Energy, from Solar, Wind, Water, Geothermal, how does this work?

The kinetic energy or power of an object is the energy  it possesses due to its motion and mass. A standing locomotive has no kinetic energy, but give it a push, and the energy used in the push is imparted to the object giving the object kinetic energy. The energy used in slowing this object is roughly equal to the energy given to it in starting it's motion. All moving objects have kinetic energy including sunlight (photons), water, wind. We have but to harness and convert  this free or low cost energy to provide us with electricity for a lifetime. (Picture on left courtesy of MIT)

One horsepower is equivalent to the approximate light output of 370 - 20 watt compact florescent bulbs. Thanks to Nicholas Tesla , George Westinghouse  and other early inventors, creating, transporting and using the watts generated became a simple matter to do. This power was then available for use in light bulbs, telephones, even automobile spark plugs (which ushered in the age of the automobile.) We now use this kinetic electrical energy to serve mankind in cell phones, orbiting satellites, computers, the internet, air conditioning and all the modern, now necessities, we enjoy and rely on today for our very existence.

Only Nuclear, Coal, Fuel Cell, Oil, and Hydro to a lesser degree are available at a constant almost predictable cost. Renewable Solar, Wind and Water energy by themselves are not available at a constant rate unless we are smart about how we use their energy and how we manage their kinetic energy output.

Individuals, Organizations and the world does not use watt energy at a constant rate. Daytime energy loads can be 100s of times higher than night loads. These variations in load require our electric utilities to purchase expensive peak demand power for us to use at rates up to 10 times higher or more than their normal generating costs, prompting Time of Use or Peak Demand rate structures or both in some cases.

Through a variety of Smart Engineered Kinetic Devices as our Kinetic Energy Vault (tm), solar, wind, water, and other created energy can be stored on site. This energy can then be reused through a smart electrical switching system to supplement power used, or when peak or demand energy is needed. Kinetic Power can be made available when energy is not available from other sources, or when the sun doesn't shine, the wind does not blow, or the water doesn't flow. :)

With proper Kinetic Engineering Design it is possible to greatly reduce or eliminate the cost of electricity or even sell electricity to your utility, company or supplier. Yes, utopia does exist, think of freedom from the electric grid or being a net generator of electricity with your alternate energy devices as a second income.

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"Creating, Conserving & Containing Electrical Energy for Today & Tomorrow"

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Wake up America !

Oil has been a inexpensive resource for many decades in the USA. With 90% of the easily recoverable oil found, the cost of drilling in sensitive areas of the  USA  is sky-rocketing or prohibited altogether. The political instability in oil producing areas of the world is causing rapid increases in the cost of oil. 


America does have it

 It is predicted that our total green energy production will exceed 20% by 2020. This will  cut our dependency on oil by 5 million barrels per day and creating millions of jobs.

 Renewable resources are abundant in our nation,  including solar, wind, water, and wave kinetic energy. We also have the 3rd largest reserves of rare-earth minerals in the world, the kind that batteries and solar panels use! 97% of these elements now come from outside our boarders.

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