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Smart Kinetics         (Don't miss this ->    Fantastic demonstration of Kinetic Energy on Utube )

Solar Arrays and Wind Turbines typically generate electric energy in varying voltages and currents at different times of the day and night, not running at their maximum design output all the time. The power coming from these devices, if sufficient, awakes the Voltage regulators and Phase Inverters that then match the power produced by these devices to the electric grid or your local phase and voltage, you can then use this energy in your ranch, home or business.

Through the use of our Kinetic Energy Vault and Smart Switching, excess energy can be stored onsite from these devices and reused when energy demands peak, dramatically lowering billing charges. Below find some of the renewable energy options with brief explanations of their operations.  

Photovoltaic (PV) or Solar Arrays in residential installation are typical 4 to 10 kilowatt roof top system generating it's maximum power when the sun is directly overhead, typically in mid afternoon producing maximum or rated power for 5 to 6 hours per day in most locations. A typical 4kw roof top system will produce 20,000 watts daily during sunny days, or 500kwh in a 25 day month. In this example PG & E bill of a non-air-conditioned 2,200 sq' coastal home, a savings of $158 would be achieved by eliminating the .40, and .29 cents per KWH tiers. This would project a payback of 12 years for the $20,000 system. If your power bill averages $ 350 monthly, payback would be reduced to 6 yrs, a very attractive investment by any measure.

Commercial PV arrays are now available in output ranges from 50 watt, to 100 megawatt to suit a variety of installation topography and demands. A 10 square mile array in the California desert would be sufficient to power all of California during sunlit hours. 

Wind Turbines in many areas attain maximum energy generating potential when pressure gradients change during the early morning or late night hours, or when storms grow near and pass over. This is not necessarily when the power is needed for peak loads, but serve well to reduce tier charges as shown above. Large commercial wind turbines are typically propeller driven and can produce up to 10 megawatt of power. Tall towers are required for maximum output and efficiency. Example on Right is a  hi efficiency UGE 4kw turbine capable of producing power in an 8 mph wind flow from any direction.

The "Excess Power" generated by these alternative energy systems is thrown away or shunted to ground if not used. It may also be sold back to the grid electric utility supplier through the local electric "Smart Meters" installed on the location.

Older magnetic wheel models can be made to run in reverse spinning the numbers backwards reducing electric charges or even creating a negative reading for the period. Utilities have the ability to "Ping" some of these meters at various intervals to determine "Peak" power used. This rate is used to calculate demand or peak usage typically 10 to 100 times higher than the normal rate billed to offset high energy charges incurred  by the utility purchasing peak power from outside sources, such as the gas fired plant at Morro Bay California. In California this occurs during 100+ degree afternoons when the electric grid intertie is running at a very high percentage of load.

One of the largest utilities in California P G & E, is now 90% complete with the installation of "Smart Meters". These meters send data to the utility by the interval use in seconds, and minutes, reported for time of day and current drawn in watts. They have the ability to record periods where the use is negative or the onsite power generation is running the meter in reverse. Like their analogue counterparts, they have the ability to record peak power used not only by the month but by the day and even hour or minute. This gives the utility the ability to adjust charges based on the grid load when they pay the highest for purchased power.

At WattFree.com our mission is to aid our country in cutting fossil fueled energy use and make available, renewal energy coupled with Smart Kinetic Vault on site storage. This stored energy can then be used through custom designed Smart Switching for peak power demands, or when insufficient power is available from PV, Wind or other sources enabling grid free operation, if desired.

We offer a variety of low cost off the shelf solutions including licensing for do-it-yourself installations as well as custom engineered designed solutions including Smart Kinetic Vaults and Switching.

              Let us give you a free cost analyses to see if Smart Kinetics are practical for you installation.

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Wake up America

Oil has been a inexpensive resource for many decades in the USA. With 90% of the easily recoverable oil found, the cost of drilling in sensitive areas of the  USA  is sky-rocketing or prohibited altogether. The political instability in oil producing areas of the world is also causing rapid increases in the cost of oil. 


America still has it

 It is predicted that our total green energy production will exceed 20% by 2020. This will  cut our dependency on oil by 5 million barrels per day and creating millions of jobs.

 Renewable resources are abundant in our nation,  including solar, wind, water, and wave kinetic energy. We also have the 3rd largest reserves of rare-earth minerals in the world, the kind that batteries and solar panels use! (97% of these elements now comes from China.) :(

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