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Fuel Cells & Others
bullet Many other forms of available earth watt energy exists including Geo Thermal, Ocean Wave, Bio-Conversion, Sterling Cycle and others. Geo Thermal is used extensively in Greenland and to a limited degree in northern California. Ocean Wave technology is trying to hurdle environmental issues. Sterling Cycle engines operate in a closed loop system by heating gas see.  http://auto.howstuffworks.com/stirling-engine1.htm . Soon many will drive automobiles that will plug into residential Kinetic Energy Vaults at night eliminating the need for a gas engine. We can only hope that these vehicles will use power inverters capable of a two way transfer, giving up their power to the home or business where required.
bullet If you run electric current through water you can break it into it's molecular components, Hydrogen forming on the Cathode and Oxygen on the anode or negative strip. Recombining these gases creates electricity and water. These "Hydrogen Fuel Cells" are use extensively in our military where a long lasting easily to generate source of watts are needed. Electricity can also be manufactured directly from Natural Gas, creating electricity, heat and water vapor. ClearEdge Power holds some of the patents on this unique technology. According to their representative electricity can be generated for as low as .06 per KWH, much lower than conventional electric company rates.  Chevron Energy Solutions, a Chevron subsidiary, developed a project that included the first megawatt-class fuel cell in California at Alameda County's Santa Rita jail, the third-largest county detention facility in the state and the fifth largest in the nation. The fuel cell quietly provides high-quality power with ultra-low emissions. The exhaust heat byproduct can be used to provide not only power but heat for the buildings.
bullet Methane gas can be trapped and used, much of it coming form cows and their animal manure. Rotting organic garbage is another source of abundant methane gas, found in the millions of tons in every city in the USA.  This gas can be used to run small generators which in turn can provide electric power. Many third world countries use methane gas to generate electricity to run water pumps that provides night time light in remote areas of the world.
bullet Hawaii has several OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion) facilities. While no power is generated by accessing the cold deep water, many thousands of watts are saved by using heat exchangers to cool air conditioning condensers.  http://hawaii.gov/dbedt/info/energy/renewable/otec
bullet There are many great new ideas emerging world wide. Some of these include green algae farms where algae is grown and converted directly to oil. Many of these new technologies are carbon negative, having little or no impact on our environment. One of the best benefits with many of these new technologies is that no oil is needed for power generation.
bullet Geo-thermal power from mother earth has been used for centuries in the form of steam used to drive wheels. Norway is almost 100% powered by Geo-Thermal, the Geysers in northern California has been generating power from GT for years.

Through the use of Smart Kinetic Energy we can reduce our emissions and become carbon free, cutting our fossil fuel dependencies. Through Smart Kinetic Engineering we hope to do our part. Let us analyze your energy use today and give you a free quote.                                             Click Here for a Free Estimate


Wake up America

Oil has been a inexpensive resource for many decades in the USA. With 90% of the easily recoverable oil found, the cost of drilling in sensitive areas of the  USA  is sky-rocketing or prohibited altogether. The political instability in oil producing areas of the world is also causing rapid increases in the cost of oil. 


America still has it

 It is predicted that our total green energy production will exceed 20% by 2020. This will  cut our dependency on oil by 5 million barrels per day and creating millions of jobs.

 Renewable resources are abundant in our nation,  including solar, wind, water, and wave kinetic energy. We also have the 3rd largest reserves of rare-earth minerals in the world, the kind that batteries and solar panels use! (97% of these elements now comes from China.) :(

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