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Savings Estimator - Why WattFree.com

We offer several different engineered and off the shelf solutions to lessen your energy dependency and aid in our objective of total energy self reliance for you and our country. These approaches all take advantage of Force, Energy & Motion, like pushing a rock. Your location may have other Kinetic Energy sources available, as running water, incline planes wave motion, wind, solar and biomass.

Sunshine for 12 hours per day does not mean you will have full solar power for 12 hours, typically full power is only for 5 to 6 hours per day. Wind turbines work well in areas where flows are over 8 mph 5 to 10 hours per day. In this type of environment with a properly engineered renewal Kinetic Energy Vault system it is possible to reduce energy bills to ZERO and sell electricity to your grid electric company, effectively putting you in the energy export business. Picture taken in Morro Bay Ca. with 20+ mph wind and bright sun, the Seagull is barely hanging on to the vessel radar shroud. :)

It is our objective to design systems that will pay their cost off in 2 to 6 years. Many governmental rebates are available for alternative energy systems, in many cases covering up to 30% or more of the costs of approved PV and Wind Systems. Very low interest rates are also available in many cases, covering 80 to 100% + of the monthly system payment with the savings in your power bill. A no cost to you lease may also be available in high kinetic energy areas.

Our first step will be to take a look at what you current electricity use is including demand charges included in the online surveys below. We will then create a plan for you.  If you currently have a alternative energy system our planning department will look at how we can enhance it through our Kinetic Vault Storage. If you have both solar and wind available, we will survey both sources to determine which is best for your location, this may be a combination of both. Once we have your information we will recommend several systems for your area and highly qualified installers based on our customer satisfaction surveys. If you are handy with building construction you can also DIY (Do It Yourself).   

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Wake up America

Oil has been a inexpensive resource for many decades in the USA. With 90% of the easily recoverable oil found, the cost of drilling in sensitive areas of the  USA  is sky-rocketing or prohibited altogether. The political instability in oil producing areas of the world is also causing rapid increases in the cost of oil. 


America still has it

 It is predicted that our total green energy production will exceed 20% by 2020. This will  cut our dependency on oil by 5 million barrels per day and creating millions of jobs.

 Renewable resources are abundant in our nation,  including solar, wind, water, and wave kinetic energy. We also have the 3rd largest reserves of rare-earth minerals in the world, the kind that batteries and solar panels use! (97% of these elements now comes from China.) :(

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